So long and thanks for all the fish.

Little bit of a rant -
After having some of my work blatantly imitated (read that as COPIED, STOLEN or PLAGIARIZED), yet again, then having been outright lied to about it by the "artist" responsible, I've killed my Instagram page.

This is a huge step for me as far as sharing my images goes. I've used Instagram to the limit as far as I'm concerned and I'm glad to be away from the toxicity that is so prevalent there. I have a website (in desperate need of updating) and I'll be very active on

If you followed me on IG, I appreciate every single "like" and comment, I really do. I've had enough of that platform though and I know I'm not alone in that regard. I hope to see more toyphotographers get away from IG. There’s nothing good coming out of that community anymore. Major hubs are defunct, IG has become a “pay-to-play” environment, and the creativity that was once such a huge part of the community has morphed into a culture of copycatting and nothing more.

Thank you @Shelly Corbett for creating and inviting me to be a part of it. is a global community for and about the hobby of toy photography. This is a community for sharing your original photography, learning new skills, and participating in monthly photo challenges.